General Information

TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation is co-organized by Place Borneo and the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, UCSI University with the following Terms and Conditions, which can also be found at our website at www.ttlxsummit.com. You can also visit our Facebook page, TTLx Summit.

All posters must be related to the theme of TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation, namely “Business Events & Tourism for Sustainable Development”. Participants who wish to participate in the competition are required to complete and submit their registration form together with their poster directly to us here by 30th June 2022 (Extended to 11th July 2022). Damaged, incomplete, inappropriate (such as controversial content) or illegible posters will not be accepted. The organizer may at its sole and absolute discretion extend TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation period at any time. The organizer also reserves the right to modify the event mechanisms, withdraw or cancel the event at any time at its sole and absolute direction.


The contest is open to all Universities and Institution students and alumni, Academia, and Industry players in the Business Events and Tourism industry. Each submission represents one party or an individual depending on the submission category.

Submission Guidelines

  • The content must be related to the theme of TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation.
  • Poster must be prepared in the digital form with the size of A1 paper (594x841mm).
  • The content must be written in English (except for specific terms).
  • Poster must clearly show: (1) selected industry (business events OR tourism), and (2) the specific theme (sustainable development).
  • Poster should deliver a meaningful message (using images and words) in accordance with its theme.
  • The poster in PDF or image file (JPEG or PNG) with the maximum size of 10MB must be submitted to organizer via Typeform. The content will be reviewed before sending for evaluation.

Specific Information

  • Each participant must provide valid information on the registration form. Incomplete form will not be considered.
  • Every submission must be done by individual or group of 3 pax.
  • All submitted posters must be the original works of the participants, and no part or component thereof is copied from any other works.
  • By submitting a poster to TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation, each participant confirms that he/she is the legal and/or beneficial owner or otherwise has the intellectual property rights to submit such poster; and therefore, warrant that he/she has obtained rights in incorporating copyright materials in his/her poster. Each poster and any part thereof shall not at any time infringe or violate any laws or the rights of third party.
  • Submitted posters must not have been submitted to or contested in any other competition or events prior to TTLx Summit 2022: Poster Presentation.
  • Submitted posters must not contain or reference any names or products of any company or any third-party trademarks, logos, or recognizable figures without formal consent
  • Inappropriate posters that are lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libellous, illegal, offensive, or otherwise contain controversial content or objectionable material are prohibited. The Organizer reserves the right to remove or demand the contestant to remove/revise such content at any time at Organizer’s sole discretion.
  • By submitting the posters, the participants have granted the Organizer exclusive rights to use them for promotional purpose whenever appropriate and necessary.
  • Printing of posters shall be fully borne by the participants. Organizer will provide poster panels for mounting of posters at the venue.
  • Each participant will receive e-Certificate of Participation. Certificate of Recognition will be given to individuals who win the contest.

Judging Panel and Procedure

  • All posters will be judged mainly based on (A) Original of Idea or Concept; (B) Method (Research), Process (Industry); (C) Contribution to the Theme; (D) Contribution to sustainability. Although poster-designing skill is important, it is secondary.
  • All posters will be reviewed from 12th July to 31st August 2022. Judges’ decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.
  • All posters will go through preliminary review after submission. Fourteen (14) posters will be shortlisted to the finalists. The shortlisted participants who are in Kuching are required to present their poster on 20th September 2022 and attend the award-giving ceremony on 21st September 2022 at Chemsain Auditorium, Kuching. Those who are unable to attend physically are required to submit a pre-recorded presentation upon submission and attend virtually.
  • Judging panel will contribute 100% of the total score.


Winners for each category will win a research grant of RM1,000.00 and will be invited for one exclusive dinner with CEOs of Sarawak Tourism Board and Business Events Sarawak. The dinner will be announced in due course.

Payment Guidelines

Only shortlisted finalists will need to pay the registration fee. For group participation, each member would need to pay the registration fee individually. Finalists shall be notified after selection has been made. A separate link will be emailed to those submitting their pre-recorded presentation.